ChatGPT-4 Service

ChatGPT-4’s unique features

Greater ability to accurately solve complex questions: GPT-4 model, is capable of understanding difficult questions and providing more accurate responses, thanks to its broader general knowledge and enhanced abilities in question comprehension.

GPT-4 model is more creative: GPT-4, is more creative compared to the previous version, GPT 3.5, It can generate and edit texts requested by users, whether in creative or technical writing, such as songwriting, scriptwriting, or learning the user’s writing style and producing texts in the same style.

Capable of understanding and analyzing images: With the new GPT-4 model, users can input images and inquire about their content. It can understand, analyze, and write descriptive labels for the image, which is a significant improvement compared to the previous version. For example, users can take a picture of ingredients such as flour, eggs, and butter and request food recipes from ChatGPT based on these ingredients.

Creating long-form content and analyzing documents: While the ChatGPT-3 can process up to 3000 words, the new GPT-4 model can handle over 25,000 words, allowing for the creation of longer content and richer conversations. It also allows for searching within documents, analyzing, and summarizing them. For example, users can request the conversion of a long document into a presentation and more.

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